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Man has always prided himself one the size and strength of his own penis, it is one of the defining facters of a mans identy. Weither you are endowed with 12 inches of stapping cock or just the owner of a couple of inches of pecker we as men need to be prode of what we have. Crown your manhood with a cockcrown, the most regal of personal male jewllery.

Penis Jewelry is not a new idea, and the cock ring has been used throughout many cultures to increase the sexual experence

Penis crowna have been manufactured by people like French body jewellry designer Julian Snelling and coppied by adult toy manufactures like Kink Industries, but these ex amples pail in quality and shear beauty when compaired with the amazing Cock Crown.

Non piercing genital jewellery such as our Penis Crown cock ring helps maintain the your erection which results in not only a very erotic and sensuous feeling for you they also look stunning. Trust us you will not regret buying your Cock Crown today.